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Originally Posted by mrspolyamorous View Post
I am a firm believer in there being more to the story as to why someone might seek a relationship discreetly outside their primary relationship.
And in the event that "discreet" turns into "whoops, got discovered", what do you do? Because you've just helped screw up the primary relationship.

Some people haven't had sex in years in their own marriage for whatever reasons and truly want to fall in love with someone on the side in order to have a reason to feel like living again.
So they go to counseling, have the poly talk, and deal from there. If not, they divorce.

They might have a lot of integrity to keep their family together. I can respect that.
No. No, there really isn't any integrity in doing that. Got a family? Be honest with them. Got kids? They can handle "Mommy and Daddy aren't in love anymore" better than "...and one of us has hurt the other in order to see if we could all still live under the same roof. Be grateful!"

Never going to accept "for the children/family" as an excuse, sorry. And I'm never going to forgive the kind of person who does this to a family, because of what it did to mine.
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