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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
I'm with you there. I agree that it's a great actualization that there is more than one way to experience relationships.

I guess, where I sit, as the mother of a pre-teen girl, if my 14-16 year old daughter started having fantasies about a relationship with 30-something godparents, I'd have a reason to worry. There's a pattern establishing here. That's the unhealthy part I'm concerned about.
Yeah, I had to wonder myself, about the pattern thing... I think it's just natural for me, it's not based on anything in particular I want or am scared of.

You know what's funny? It's my mom that helped me accept it, in a way. Long story but basically, she heard about my attraction to my godparents (after they had already oh-so-responsibly turned me down)... she was the less freaked out than the three of us (godmother was having major issues, thinking she did something wrong, compounded by the fact that she was sexually abused as a child; godfather was feeling really guilty because he didn't intend to "tattle", but he told the wrong person and it got out to our whole circle of friends, plus he was feeling betrayed by the former best-friend-of-10-years that he told it to; I was drowning in guilt for causing so much guilt, and insecurity cause "why would I ever think they could want me")... but my mom basically said, she saw nothing wrong with it. "Everyone handled their emotions in a very mature way" or something along those lines.

And I haven't been particularly subtle letting her know I like A & E, although I'm saving an actual conversation until I know if they like me.

But, to each their own.

Good luck!
Thank you! And... I promise, I am being careful. There's something odd about my attractions, no doubt, but I wouldn't trust my heart in just anybody's hands
Omnisexual. (I am attracted to males, females, and any variation/in-between/lack thereof, but I am not "gender blind" which most pansexuals describe themselves as.)
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