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Default Mourning breakups that aren't mine

I suspect this may have been brought up here before...just call me lazy for not doing a search...I can take it.

My hubs and his gal broke up early last week. (Logically, I could see how it might have been coming since she identifies as mono and wasn't comfortable talking issues out). I find myself in this really weird place where I am mourning the loss of their relationship. I adore my metamour and enjoyed watching the relationship and the two involved grow and evolve. (I also really liked that I had some pressure taken off of me by their relationship). Now that it is over I (selfishly) find myself really mourning. This is a weird place to be. I think that the friendship will be strong enough to stand so that is a comfort. But, I can't help but feel this "damn, this sucks" thing.

I think I am taking this breakup a lot harder than the two I just weird or what?!

I'm not looking for advice. Just wanted to share.
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