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Pink: Good for you! I felt the same way about my triad on the forum - everyone suggesting that I get into dyads right out of the gate, that our boundaries wouldn't work, etc. etc. etc. We had to live out our own truth and learn our own lessons - at times I felt that I was being "hurried through" the initial bliss of trying out something new and exciting by people who had become jaded and cynical about triads. Sure, in the end some of their warnings were correct (the people who were correct definitely strike me as the "I told you so" variety ), but here we are almost eight months later, and our relationship is continuing to develop and grow.

Ahhh! Someone in a triad that's working! LOL Thanks for your words : ) I was really feeling like I was being patted on the head by some and told that I was so cute. Kwim?

The three of us had a great conversation on the phone last night and are looking forward to meeting IRL. Due to distance constraints and family duties we won't be rushing head first into anything. Our first duties are to our already extant families. We have kids, she has a kid. They come first and THEN we get to play.
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