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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
No, the first couple she was interested in, when she was 16, were her godparents. They turned her down. She is now interested in a professor and his wife at her college that she met through a school activity.
Originally Posted by samines View Post
Well, I'm pretty much past mooning over that at this point (I figured some background couldn't hurt, I think their rejection is part of why I'm so nervous now), but now I'm back in poly-lovesick-puppy-mode. New couple...
Yes, I got that when I went back and reread the post. I missed two words "New Couple" at the end of a rambling paragraph. Thanks.

I still don't agree that someone who is 18 needs to be involved in the potential drama of 30-something's that teach at the school she attends.

Nobody wins if that goes south.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
This worries me. Drama didn't follow me when I was a teenager. I purposefully separated myself from drama in high school and by the time I got to college I was done with it. Sure, there are bits of drama that can come up in various relationships but if a relationship = drama more often than not, I'm out. It's not worth it.
I'm with you there km34. I purposely separated myself from it too in high school, university and throughout my adult life. Seeking it and expecting it is asking for trouble.

I am not so quick to offer congrats to her on being poly. Is it really a realization at 18 that you are ploy? Isn't it more a function of being young and exploring what the world has to offer you? When I was 18, I dated multiple people too, but not because I was poly, it was just what we did when we were young. I now consider myself to be predominantly mono.

I just think that she could do better and have much more fun in the meantime.
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