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I surprise myself sometimes.

Keith was going to leave his phone at home when we go camping next week because he is afraid he won't be able to resist the urge to text the women he's been talking to lately (there are 2, one of which he will HOPEFULLY be meeting for coffee or dinner very soon). I decided that's silly. If he gets on my nerves with overt phone activity, I'll tell him. Why should he not be able to talk to people when I plan on spending most of the time reading and have a habit of texting at random times too?

He was pleasantly surprised that I insisted he warn the women that he may not be accessible as regularly (no idea what signal is like where we're going AND we do plan on doing some hiking/museum going during which he won't be able to use his phone), but on the whole I don't mind if he continues talking to them as much as he has been lately. I'm kind of surprised, too, because I have been very much looking forward to this "all about me" week. He's been promising it to me ever since we moved. Something about me doing something so big for him that he feels like he owes me. lol Ridiculous, of course, but who am I to argue if he wants to spoil me for a week??

But again, who am I to complain that I apparently have next to no jealousy left in my system? Let him talk. It's adorable when he gets all excited about potential friends/girlfriends.
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