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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
Ummmm, just my two cents.

All other issues aside...the fact that it is against most (if not all) school policies for a faculty member to be 'amorous' with students, this girl is only 18 and these supposed potential 'partners' of hers are her GODPARENTS?!?!?
Oh, nope, that is the couple that already turned me down. Two years ago.
And btw, I didn't grow up with them as my godparents. I met them when I was already in puberty (barely, but nonetheless at that mental/emotional point) and they became my godparents because we had a very tight, but yet-undefined, relationship.

Again, all other issues aside, isn't anyone else concerned about the health of this thought process or relationship??
I've actually had to think this through a little too, so anyone who has an answer please shout it out.
Try to explain exactly what's wrong with it though, (setting aside the godparents thing, possibly re-reading at least the OP) because I came to the conclusion that no: it's somewhat odd, and quite inconvenient, but it's not unhealthy.

Samines, you are 18! You are young, beautiful, full of life! Go live life, date whoever you want, and stop worrying about what some 30-something year old couple may or may not want from/with you. It's not worth the drama.
I... know... but...
This is who I want to date.

I know on some level it sounds like I'm hung up on some issue, like I'm looking for someone to use me and protect me, but these people are incredible. They're kind, they're adorable, I get this giggly-lovey-butterfly feeling when I see them, or talk to them, or hear their voices from across the room... I don't know where it's going, and I'm not trying to pin myself into some lifetime without exploring everything else that's out there for me, but I'm falling for them. So it is totally worth whatever it takes, just for a chance to try to make it work.

(Oh, and remember... I'm a teenager. Drama follows me EVERYWHERE. This is nothing special on the drama-scale.)
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