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Default Thats the point of our Physical Plane

You touched on the underlying environmental essence of our layer of the Multiverse. Again, to be clear...I am an Ordained Christian Minister, but I am also Vitki to the Oracle of the Runes.
It is true we are all different. We all have a singular footing on the spiritual path that we all still walk along. But it is also true that we all share an interconnectedness as spiritual beings. Setting aside 'Religion', through all of human history every society has a natural understanding of our spiritual essence...not by accident. It's the expected outcome of our spiritual nature. We all share that spiritual essence.
It is also true that here in the physical plane we are animal. We are mammals, in truth, and are subject to the traits developed in our DNA. One of these is the herding instinct we love to follow to creative ends....We follow! ...Sports, political ideologies, Music groups, Cultural beliefs, Family behaviors, Sexual behaviors, Nation against Nation, Skin color against Skin....and Religion. We herd to where our emotional bodies find the most joy.
As human 'beings' we are both...and isn't it beautiful? We are all scattered in this human mess...alone and together. Singular but also the same. What a wickedly perfect Universal design for us to explore each others essence.
Back to Christ for a thought or two...Our savior drank wine...and when the casks were dry he turned water into more wine. He served others through the intimate act of washing their feet. How many of you have washed the feet of a loved one? We find it easy to sit in our a blue flag, and the other a red...and we imagine together we're cannibalizing our Savior's flesh and drinking his blood like vampires...but the intimate stuff, even in His examples we can't get to.
Enough preaching...with one last question. Is it sin to enjoy your lovers orgasms at the touch of another while all there find joy and togetherness, or is it sin to judge that shared joy and togetherness from an outside perspective intentionally being detached from that same joy and togetherness?...
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