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I think that is the same conclusion we are coming to. We are all feeling pretty good where things are at now. He has always been real cautious to make sure we are all happy.

One thing that helped us reach this status is that we took a 4 month break from the sexual part of the relationship we had. We were able to remain friends during that time and could truly see that our relationship was more than just sex. Now that the break is over, we are all more comfortable with our bond.

In fact after the break, he is the one that got us starting to think about this and what to call it. One day in a message he sent us, he said, "What do you call a relationship with a couple?" When we initially started almost two years ago, we tried to define it, but we weren't able to. We decided then that it may seem odd to others, but it just seemed so natural to us and we would just enjoy it.

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Well I guess for me the bigger question seems like you answered. If you are all comfortable where you are, then why define it further? If you aren't comfortable with them having one on one time, and your wife isn't interested either, then why put yourselves through that, just say, I am not comfortable with that. If he is cool with that, then you can continue as you are. If you want to move it to another level then you can, but it has to move with all in agreement.
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