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My mom doesn't even know the situation with C. She knows he is driving me and staying in the same hotel, and that he's a friend. She knows that my daughter and I plan to spend a lot of time with my daughter's friend and her mother, another friend of mine, along with loads of other people I know who attend this event. It really doesn't look inappropriate from the outside, except that my mom thinks anything I do without my husband is somehow inappropriate.

It seems more to be about his thinking he is "making it possible" for me to have this trip and I haven't shown him enough gratitude for that. I feel like the trip would have been just as possible if he'd decided to take it too. I would have gotten a house sitter. But he didn't say he wanted to go, back when we first made the plans. All of a sudden I'm supposed to recognize the sacrifice he is making here.

We saw a marriage counselor in January, but she wasn't on our insurance. The 5 Love Languages book got us through that rough patch to a really good place. Somehow that's not working right now. We could try for another counselor I guess. I think the next one on our list is likely to be at the same event this weekend, actually.

I don't see how I can measure up. I feel like I'm aiming for standards that are being kept secret.
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