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We both typed the original post so it may have been confusing.

I (the husband - aka P) is the one that would feel jealous of a one on one rendezvous between my wife (aka J) and our friend (aka A). This really isn't a pressing issue, but when we J and I discuss it hypothetically, I get that jealous feeling.

And yes, he is cheating on his wife. We weren't aware of his situation when we first got together. He feels stuck in his marriage. He basically doesn't have any affection or sex in his marriage (maybe once or twice per year). They have tried counseling and books, but nothing works. He will not leave his wife because his dad left his family. It is a very sad situation for everyone involved, including us. Neither of us has ever cheated and as a rule don't approve of the practice. We weighed all the information in this case and decided not to end our relationship with him over this.

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I am not quite understanding who is the one feeling jealousy in your story. Can you explain a little more?

Also, do you mean that your guy friend has been cheating on his wife with you and your wife for two years?
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