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So my new appointment with the lawyer was today.

Raga didn't respond in any manner (although I saw him on facebook so he's definitely still around) so I decided to just drop it and see what we can do without his cooperation. A year and a half of trying to get him to cooperate has really worn me down.

The lawyer is a nice woman, but sometimes she doesn't feel too professional. For instance, she keeps asking me what she should do, or having me do things, and I feel like it should be the other way around. So I had to explain to her every step of the way how to fill a request for birth certificate, and she filled it in French, which hopefully will be fine. Then she gave it to me to mail, while the whole time exclaiming that it just wasn't right that Canada made you pay for these things (it's free in France).

The one problem is that the request requires me to write down where his parents were born, and I have no idea. And since I know I can't get any information from him... I'm thinking I'll write a letter explaining the situation and hopefully that will work out.

The other thing we need to go around is the fact he hasn't given me ID, with his signature. I found a paper that had his signature on it, but it looks nothing like the one he signed the separation agreement with. I think the one on his ID would probably be different too, honestly, so we'll have to find another way.

The lawyer suggested I get any proof that I wasn't with him, which includes my rental agreement, and documents from other people swearing that I was separated from him. So I'm going to go around and ask for these, which should be easy enough.

She cannot do anything until she has his birth certificate, though, so that's the first step. She still needs to snail mail me a copy of her passport, that she didn't have on her, and I still need to write that letter of explanation as to why I don't know either parent's location of birth, and I'm thinking I'll also write up a translation of her letter explaining she needs the document for the divorce. I'm hoping all of that will work out and that they will mail her his birth certificate, so that we can get going with the divorce.
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