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I do not see any of the more critical posts as being centered on words that have "different or deeper meanings in the poly community." (?) It's not even just a poly problem, but a different one altogether. I would hope that most people here understand basic relationship skills regardless of whether the issue has to do with poly or mono or anything else. And offering an opinion about something is not the same as "self righteous assumptions and accusations about their personal life." I don't think it is self-righteous to say something stinks, is creepy, seems predatory, or is a half-assed way to do things. There is nothing wrong with sharing our gut reactions to something, and no one bullied the OP here IMO. The only bullying I see is the self-appointed forum police reprimanding people about how their responses are worded and barking about how many questions a person can ask. We can only express our opinions on the one sliver of a person's situation that is shown us, and if they take it as a criticism of their entire life, I think they are overly sensitive.

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