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We talked some more. Now he's not going to come because he says it's clear he's not wanted. (I told him it's true, but that he would have been wanted if we'd planned to spend the weekend together to begin with.)

Now we're in a huge fight.

There's this recurring theme, where I tell him he has just as much freedom to go and do the things he wants to do and I am always in complete support of that, and he tells me he would rather stay home and spend time with our children being a good parent... and then wonders how I come away thinking he's telling me I'm not as good a parent as he is. He's says no, I am 95% a good mother. That's supposed to reassure me? I really have no idea what he wants from me at this point. He says I'm making him out to be a villain so I feel can better about myself. Villain that I am.

I can't even think straight I'm so upset right now.
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