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Why are you changing your plans just because he got pissy? Did he ask you to change everything? It sounds like he just wants to be acknowledged more for his "sacrifice." Sure, it doesn't seem fair that he stated that this was what he wanted, and basically volunteered to stay at home, only to then make it seem like he's a victim. But maybe he is having second thoughts and can't express that, out of pride. Also, I recall that he is very concerned about how others view him, so perhaps his reaction was borne of embarrassment that you and your mother discussed this. I would stop scrambling right now, if I were you. I think it is true that making these changes and having him there for more days will only fan the flames of resentment in you and it will be probably be a sucky time for all of you. Can you find a way to set aside your resentment/anger and talk to him again? Or just let him be, and talk about it afterward. He needs to come to terms with the choices he makes, I think, and you doing cartwheels to accommodate him out of guilt won't help.
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