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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Love your blog title - I love all things sparkly!

*Adds 'pork-n-beans' to my fetish list*

Thanks and LOL

Years ago there was a website: The front page of the site had various pictures of fetish play. There was this one.... hawt chick in thigh-highs, thong, and spike heels, with pork-n-beans running over her (really nice) rear end. Maybe me LMAO! I mean, I like pork-n-beans, but as a side to a sammich, not with my sex! LOL

At lunch I told him about the jealousy issue. First I said, "There is nothing you can do to fix this, I just need you to listen because I want to be absolutely honest with you."

He knows me SO well. He said, "I knew you'd react that way."

It's really odd that I would react that way since I've watched him make love to another woman and had nothing but positive reactions to it. I don't know WHY I'd be bothered if he were with someone alone. I'm thinking on it, working through it and all of that.
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