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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Why "and like it"? I agreed with most of what you posted, opalescent, but what does liking being alone have to do with not fearing it? I don't like being alone. I can be alone, but I don't like it. And I don't think it's necessary to like being alone to be able to embrace being alone.

I agree that being alone is better than being in a bad relationship and isn't something to be feared, but I can completely understand trying to find other alternatives first!

ETA: Also, I consider myself pretty authentic and genuine. I don't avoid being alone so much that I feel the need to be fake in order to be accepted. Perhaps you and I just learned different lessons about ourselves.
I find it is generally easier to not fear something if you like that something.

TGIG, are you an extrovert? My extrovert peeps often find being alone really taxing and difficult. I'm an introvert and so I require alone time to function.

Your point is well taken. Learning to like being alone would be more pleasant but not required.

It's just that I consider learning to be alone to be a prime skill of adulthood. It's so important that I personally consider people who can't be alone (not just don't like it but actually can't stand their own company and do anything to not spend time by themselves) not to be complete adults. Yes, that is a value judgment on my part.
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