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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
If guys rub one out before a date, does this hold true for women?

One wonders...
Hmm, my guess would be no, it does not. Not sure why I think that.

*giggles* Opalescent, the phrase "rub one out" cracks me up. I'd never heard it before I saw the movie Up in the Air with my husband. There's that scene where George Clooney's co-star is in bed with him and she says he could rub one out when they're apart or something (don't remember exact line). I leaned over to my hubs: "What did she say? He should what? What does that mean?" and he was just shushing me.

I'm never up on lingo. He used to have to translate all the street talk for me whenever we watched NYPD Blue. I always wondered, he never talks that way with me, how does he know all the slang? heh-heh
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