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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Is it unusual, as a woman, to have markedly stronger and easier orgasms when I haven't cum in the last few days? That has always been the case for me, my orgasmic ability is like a battery that needs to recharge.
I don't know. For me, it fluctuates unpredictably. Sometimes going a while without cumming makes it harder for me to get there the next time because I'm so sensitive and can only go to the edge. But then sometimes, it's completely different and having some time in between does increase intensity.

This topic reminds me of a tip I read online somewhere about preparing for a date. It stated that if a woman wants a guy to be really attracted and aroused, she should get herself off and have an orgasm just before her date. Apparently, that stimulates something in a guy's brain and makes us hard to resist - hahaha!
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