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Been thinking a lot lately about how quick I am to be angry or defensive in some cases (both in meat-space and online). It's mostly in cases where I feel someone is being attacked unfairly. Yes, they are probably quite capable of defending themselves, but that doesn't mean they should have to do it alone. It's nice to have support even if you don't NEED it. And then, if it involves a kid, I'm absolutely going to step forward to defend a child who may not be able to defend themselves yet, whether we're talking physically or verbally. Even if they are able to defend themselves right now, kids need to know that there are adults who will be there for them if the bullying DOES become too much for them to handle alone. So you know what I've come to accept? I may never be a peaceful person. I may never achieve that zen, calm acceptance of the world. I'm a fighter. I'm a scrapper. When I see an injustice I'm going to fight against it, because it needs to be done. And maybe it's not the healthiest way to be, but I think it's also a source of my energy and my motivation. I get up in the morning because there are people out there who need to be helped, and if I can help, I'm going to.

Seems kind of odd to me to bitch about this forum ON this forum, but this is my blog so fuck it, I can if I want to. Claiming that I shouldn't get upset by nameless, faceless people on the other end of the computer is a cop-out, I think. Faceless they may be, but they're real people, just like I'm a real person, and I think sometimes that fact is forgotten in the relative safety of online anonymity. I've seen people on here say, "Well, I wouldn't say it that way in real life, but this is online." Why the difference? Why can't you put the same time, thought, and care into a post that you'd put into saying something potentially upsetting to a friend? I'll freely admit that there are people I don't respect, but losing my respect has to be earned by what someone says and does. If I don't know you in the slightest, shouldn't my default be to treat you with the same respect I would have for someone close to me?

So yes, I will get defensive of people I don't know, and I will get angry at people I don't know. Because they're still people, and whether I know them or not isn't the determining factor for me.
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