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Seriously, dingedheart? First, SIX questions IN A ROW. Again. I know they're not directed at me, but it still reads like an interrogation. Being willing to think about something your partner wants isn't the same as "wanting" to do it yourself, so you're making assumptions right there. In my case, MC is still mono after all these years, and I don't think poly will ever be something he "WANTS" to do. He's ok with it because it's what I want/who I am and he loves me. The OP is here saying, in a nutshell, "I think I'm ok with this, but I have this question" and people are ALL over her.

Second, when I said I didn't "see" predator I meant when I read her posts his desires did not seem predatory to me. Yes, the word is in the tags and frankly I don't think it should be. It's insulting and rude and possibly slander. We have nowhere NEAR enough information or a clear and comprehensive enough picture of what's going on to make that assumption.

Thirdly, I said 4 newbies INCLUDING my two SO's. That means 2 other posters + my two SO's.
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