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I'm female. Most female's I know have a tendency to plan things out. Its not a "This is how it will be", its more of a "This is what I think/hope".
You can't tell me that no one's ever fallen in love quickly before. Seriously? It does happen kids. I know people that have been happily married for decades that fell in love after a first date. Love is love. It has its own timetable. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes its right off. I'm calling your jaded bullshit.

And the sex. Jesus, but are you guys hung up on that.
Thats a someday thing. I can't believe none of you have ever started dating someone with the hope, even if it was at the back of your mind, that you'd get to sleep with them. Lets be real here. Half the time, thats what kicks the dating ball rolling. You find someone attractive, you go talk to them, you go on dates, voila.

I think perhaps you guys have a fantasy of your own that all 'true' relationships are solely ones that grow over years. Yes, those are beautiful, but there are other paths that take place too.

You know what? Forget it. We're Creepy Old Dude and theres no convincing you otherwise. And why should I? I'm neck deep in a decision to even offer this to someone, that should they take it will irrevecably rock my world for better or worse. I'm risking the stability of my marriage, my kids' lives, my own happiness in the offer to someone I barely know.
I came here for advice on my feelings from people I thought would have a better sense of if what I was feeling was normal for this type of venture or not. I think what I've gotten is a clear picture of I don't belong here.

Thank you to those who genuinely tried to help.
I'll figure this out on my own.
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