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I'm wary of "rules" when it comes to the way I live as a polyamorous person.

However, the points you list are not that unreasonable. The fact that you and she are so far apart on them helps to illustrate what you seem to be saying-- that neither of you is interested in polyamory. She wants an open relationship, and you want to bend in whatever way you can to keep a relationship with her.

Honestly, it's cool with me that you came here. Polyamory and open relationships are related, with all their differences, and a lot of people here (me included) work both polyamory and open relationships into the way we live. I think you're getting some good advice.

The best advice I can give is to consider whether you really ought to remain together. It might benefit both of you to end this relationship, as amicably as you can. Maybe she cares for you and doesn't want to separate, or maybe she's kind of a jerk (I am getting your side of things only), but the long miserable demise of a relationship is infinitely worse than a quick and merciful death of one.

But I agree with others-- in both polyamory and open relationships, open and honest communication is key.
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