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Default Is it a deal breaker to date someone who is cheating?

Hubby & I have a differing opinion on this.

One of the biggest things I value about open relationships as well as poly is honesty & respect.

I personally would not date someone that I knew their partner was in the dark & they were in essence cheating. I not only don't want to be involved in drama. I also am not keen on being a party to the possible hurt of someone else. Most importantly I do have respect for others relationships, marriages, boundaries, agreements etc... As such it becomes a major moral issue for me.

This also applies to partners that are on their own are involved with cheating partners. My concern is if my partner is seeing someone who is married and is not being honest about it then I wonder of they value & respect relationships and when will that disrespect perhaps apply to my relationship or agreements we've made.

Hubby on the other hand doesn't have an issue with it. He feels that there is no way of knowing the extenuating circumstances. He says he would not necessarily become involved directly with someone who is cheating & not being honest. But, he does not think its an issue of character or have an issue to be involved with a partner who is also involved with someone who is cheating with them.

I'm just curious where others stand on this topic? Would this be a deal breaker for you when determining if you get involved with someone or not?
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