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Originally Posted by corey View Post
I would love that, but if you knew her you would know that would NEVER happen.

She doesnt want me to talk to anyone else about this. She doesnt want anyone else to know about this thing "open relationship" she feels embarrassed about it (so she says) and she admits that its not normal and describes it as being like a "sickness" or something.

Most of all though she also says that by me talking with others about it I am not showing a "sense of self" or that I have my own identity. She would kill me if she saw all these messages. Im just trying to keep calm about it all.
I'm not much for hearts and flowers either, but ye gods, in no universe would I be upset with a partner for dealing in his own way. That's not right. You stay with her, you're in for a world of hurt. You seem to have a very strong sense of self. So does she. By themselves, those things are not wrong, but the two of you sound less and less compatible the more you talk about her.

Kick the user to the curb and find yourself a person who treats you like you're worthwhile. You shouldn't have to suffer because she needs a place to stay. I had a friend who let someone stay because he felt sorry for her and that ended very badly. It actually ended our friendship. Do your friends have opinions about this woman? Have they perhaps been hiding those opinions very carefully?
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