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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
I think most people are able to "do poly," but it might be harder for some than for others.
Interesting linguistic shift there--people can "do poly", in that they can actively try to make it work, and yet some people see themselves as "being poly". I wonder if the difference there is applicable to situations like this one, where the OP is asking herself if she's cut out for this? Some people know, more or less, where they stand; some people have to ask, and that's fine too.

FWIW, I'd fall into "being poly". It's just natural to me. I only get upset when I'm left out, not when other people are included. I suppose having seen that distinction since I figured out this "love" thing is also a bit of a sign. But there are ways to cope and to handle this if you need/want to "do poly", and in the end, we all have to decide to act on our desires.
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