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Wow. Ok. So not the response I was expecting.

Obviously, I'm not explaining this very well. The title of the thread may have been a poor choice as well. (Also, I'm thinking I put this thread in the wrong category.)

He isn't simply going to bring "her home to fuck her and show her what a good relationship is like".

He confirmed it this morning, that he's in love with her.

He wants to show her a good relationship, not simply for the example, but to actually give her a good relationship. He would like her to be a part of our family.

She isn't in any danger with the relationship she's in now. Her current boyfriend isn't abusive, just neglectful.

As for the protector thing, does one not desire to protect someone they love? Is that a bad thing? I'm protective of my husband, my children, my mother and my best friend, among others. I wouldn't use that to limit anything they'd do, but I certainly would have issue with anyone that hurt them. I would do what I could to make them happy again or prevent the hurt in the first place.

The decision is entirely up to her. We've given her the option. Let her know we're serious about it and that should she decide not to, we're still here to be friends.
G talked to her this morning, encouraging her once more to talk to her boyfriend to see if things couldn't be resolved. G thinks that if her boyfriend would pull his head out of his *** and actually work things out with C, they could be a good couple.
However, the boyfriend seems completely disinterested in working on anything.

My husband is most interested in C's happiness. If she could be happy with her boyfriend, then that'd be the end of it. We'd remain friends.
If things don't work out with her boyfriend, G loves her and so would like to show her what that entails.

Is that creepy? Is that predatory?
Its not like he's out shopping for a young, vulnerable girl to lure home for sex.

Maybe I'm just not getting what this polyamory business is about.
Lord knows, this is the first time I looked into it beyond watching a special on TLC or the BBC.

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