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Okay, I'm not calling this rape in the slightest, and maybe some of what I've said is misconstrued, but I'm also VERY submissive. If I really didn't want to do it, and he forced me, I'd knock him upside the head. Last night I made him stop and it was just the emotional guilt that makes me upset.

He does seem to take my feedback as an issue with him, and not an issue with me or us. He claims he's trying to "up my endurance", which I don't need in the slightest, nor do I think that is possible. I think it's his fantasy that I can act like a porn star or something. We never have a quicky, which would be nice to have more often than not.

I'm just trying to figure out WHY he does this and if it's a medical problem, a psychological problem, or whatever. He's finally realizing that it's not normal to have sex everyday. I need to figure out a way to get it through his thick skull. He's really needy of my attention period. I have him and my daughter fighting for attention (he's a SAHD, I work FT) and I don't get time for myself. And when I tell him that for the umpteenth time, he takes it as an insult. And this is the ADD talking, the not shuting up at all.

What I'm seeing is that he thinks of nothing but sex and thinks everybody else is thinking of nothing but sex. But not me, I have work, kid, my own interests, I need down time. I need to find a way to get this to him without him feeling like crap.

I also do not plan on giving up on him. Nobody is perfect, we're married for a reason. But I do fear that the more time I spend with JS, the more I'll resent JQ and his neediness. I don't want that to happen.
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