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Default Illusions of 'Christianity' and false manifestations

So, first - to be clear - I'm an ordained Christian Minister....

I've enjoyed reading all the entries, and I'm always amazed by conversations regarding all things 'Biblical'. What seems to be missing is let me offer some.

The Bible has two parts...The Old, and the New Testimonies. If one seeks the true mantle of 'Christian', then one should embrace the New, the 'Good News', of the New Testimony.

Religions are designed to control a societies behaviors, thoughts, and wealth. Part of my Ministry is to make people aware of the Evils of Religion, and how clearly they do Satan's work. Christ's path through the pages of the Bible focused on this Evil over and over again...He was the worst Jewish Rabbi ever....look at all the rules he broke while teaching us the righteous path to Glory back to God.

If others give their free agency over to Religion, then cast dark stones of judgement, oppression, and hatred then let them. Christ, and the true followers of Christ, embrace all people with love. I do not judge, I embrace. I do not create laws against the free will of others, (Mormons take note), I support the manifestations produced from the choices your Souls make in our world. From my faith in Christ do I understand the nature of the love he gave us all....No religion gives that to us....NO RELIGION

The Bible is a book, and within you'll find the path of Godly Righteousness. You will also read how men continue to control others, even now, for the illusions of being better than others... History could use a Biblical rewrite...
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