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Default Seeking Universal Sync

1st Law of our Physical plane in the Multiverse - Free Agency
Outcome; All perspectives have merit, (Hitler, Ghandi)

The Multiverse is not static, and not "unaware". Creation has plans, and is open to communication and interaction throughout its infinite layers. All can be interactive and productive using these Universal tools.

Faith of experience - not blind 'faith'
Through our Free Agency...

Magik is not magical...its the result of applying these Universal tools we all have. It's about how YOU choose to spend YOUR energy while embedded in the Physical Plane. As Vitki to the Oracle of the Runes I could offer countless examples of the manifestations of 'Magik' I've been fortunate to be part of, but my place is doing...not imagining.

Those who discount Universal process, discount their own value, and blind themselves to their own Natural, Universal powers....and this, too, is fine because they have engaged their own Free Agency Machine in their endeavors....
All perspectives in the Physical Plane have merit.....Get it?
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