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You're right, he is being disrespectful. Just last night he basically came in and attacked me while I was watching TV. Our daughter is out at a school camping trip and he thought he'd use the time to spend with me, but couldn't just sit there with me, he had to be all over me. He also has a problem coming, it takes way too long, I've come multiple times, he thinks it's cool to make me do that, and I've again, told him that all it does is make me sore. I'm done, exhausted and too stimulated, and when that happens, I don't want to be touched at all. And it's not like it last just 5 minutes, it's a LOT longer.

We've had this discussion plenty of times. I don't think he hears me (and that goes with more than just this, but with normal everyday things). It's just really sad that he won't get it. He just gets butt hurt when I keep trying to bring this up. I wish I could express it in a way that he'd finally get it. Maybe one of the guys here can give me a different point of view so I can express it in a different way.
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