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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
not having "outsiders" in my house is a fundamental requirement for me. There are other places that they can meet/hang out with/have sex with people - I only have one place to call "home." If they are chafing under this restriction then we can rent them an apartment or build a cabin on our property for this purpose.

My introvert nature has definitely become more pronounced as I have gotten older (and my job more stressful in terms of having to interact with people and be "on" all day long). But, at this point in my life, the bottom-line is that I could not live with someone who insisted on bringing other people into the house.

It's funny - I am a very strong Meyers-Briggs "E" but I still need that "safe haven" to recharge.

Sounds to me like Corey and his GF moved in together under one set of rules, and the rules are now changing in a way that is incompatible with HIS idea of "home". Her home or not, it's his too, and this needs to be negotiated since they don't agree.
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