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The way you describe it, his problem sounds more like being rude and disrespectful. If you have to say no or push him away more than once, that's bad. You're not his plaything, if he's horny and you're not in the mood he can take care of it on his own.
I feel bad for you. I've been with someone who would insist over and over again in the past and it was a real pain. Now I'm with someone who never insists and it's a real relief. And when he's the one not in the mood, I don't insist either so the relationship isn't strained.

My point is... He's being extremely disrespectful. Your saying no or pushing him away once should be enough for him not to insist any more that night. What does he hope to achieve? Does he think you'll enjoy it because he's forceful?
Honestly, just reading it made me extremely uncomfortable. You shouldn't end up having sex just so he'll leave you alone. That's not right. I've been with guys with a higher sex drive than me, but most of them knew to get release elsewhere when I wasn't in the mood, and I think that's what his problem is.
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