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Default Small Talk

Well I did some small talk today. Earlier than I planned but I guess the best laid plans and all that other stuff

I made eye contact because I too would have make the eye contact and smiled in the past and scurried away. But this time I made the eye contact, I smiled and i waited. and wow, it worked, he stopped by me and asked me about some veggies and what best goes with what. Sadly I had to tell him Im not much of a cook, but what I do cook is he laughed and joked with me for a while. it was fun Scary but fun. I still need more work but I did ok for having no wing man/woman with me. So proud I did it all on my own.

Now...I guess I keep trying. Gotta do what I can and when my anxiety rushes toward me or I try to "run" I just have to breathe and smile lol...we'll see what new adventure tomorrow brings me.
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