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Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
I seriously wonder if my husband, JQ, has a sex addiction or a hormone imbalance (and no, he refuses to go to doc about it). And I'm wondering how this might be an issue down the road. I got together with a friend of ours, JS a month or so ago. The three of us had sex together (not JS and JQ, although JS is bi, JQ is not). We've done this a couple times. For JQ it's some fetish of watching me with another guy.
Im a very sexual straight male and sometimes drive my girlfriend crazy. Honestly I do feel like it is a problem, sometimes I know I am overdoing it. I do have ADHD but not to be vulgar I do get horny a lot, even if sometimes I dont want to have sex I feel as though I need to be touchy and of course after a while she gets pretty pissed off.
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