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Originally Posted by Shannanigan View Post
Yup. And perhaps she was hiding where she was when she disappeared because she was too scared then to admit what was going on, and it's great that she's now willing to admit it and all, but it's going to be up to you whether you're okay with this. People can and do have friends with benefits outside of their relationship, but it's only going to be a happy arrangement if everyone is open to talking about it and is honestly okay with it.
I dont understand why she would admit to where she was, but not admit to having sex with him. Get home at 3am? I dont even know how long she has been talking to and/or seeing this guy before she admitted it. So she is still keeping some things from me.

And she gets angry when I try to talk to her about some of these things saying im being over jealous and clingy. The answer to that is yes and no, however the fact remains she needs to provide some answers
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