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There is a saying that "once a cheater, always a cheater." Its kind of along the lines of "once and alcoholic, always an alcoholic." This saying doesn't mean that a person can't sort themselves out and achieve integrity, honesty and empathy in their lives, it means that there are some behaviours that never are completely out of someone's character even if they move on to a way of being that works for them better and those they have relationships with. It doesn't make them a monster, it makes them human. Smoking, drinking, being dishonest, drinking coffee etc. all seem to be addictions that stay with a person for life, regardless of whether they do them any more. Getting away with deceiving a partner is in that list of addictions I think.

Just because something is more sociably acceptable doesn't mean its the direction to go. Frankly, I'm appalled that cheating has become so acceptable. There are even sites to help people cheating hook up! Appalling! As I am part of society I figure I can make change happen as to what is acceptable by not accepting cheating as acceptable. To me it just isn't.

Unspoken don't ask don't tell policies between people under certain circumstances is as close as I get. Prompting people to choose the addiction of deception in the form of cheating on their partner to get their needs met rather than taking radical action to change their circumstance is irresponsible to me.
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