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To be honest, unicorn hunters don't do very well posting what they want anywhere, unless they change their perspective and adjust what they're looking for. "Joining" your existing relationship, relocating, and helping with the housework appeals to very few out there, and will probably only attract drifters or people who are desperate for a place to stay. It's better to look for someone who wants to take things slowly and develop a relationship with one of you first, without expecting the relationship to be with both of you. You two will very likely fare better if you date separately and forget about having a live-in maid to play with.

I really don't see this forum as a good viable place to post dating ads, actually. I wonder how many people have actually hooked up from the Dating & Friendships board. It's probably a very low percentage of the posts people make.

This is really more of a community where people share and get to know each other before anyone actually meets. You will probably have more success with OKCupid or other real dating sites.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I read pretty much every post on here, just to clear them from my initial views (I go through the forum by viewing "New Posts" when I log in) as well as to see if there happens to be something of interest even if the title doesn't draw my attention.
You can also just read the posts you want to read and then go to Quick Links > Mark Forums Read, so you don't need to open every thread to clear them out of New Posts. But I admit, I do visit posts here just out of curiosity.
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