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I read pretty much every post on here, just to clear them from my initial views (I go through the forum by viewing "New Posts" when I log in) as well as to see if there happens to be something of interest even if the title doesn't draw my attention.

I also agree that some of your wording is slightly off-putting. I wouldn't respond to an ad that kept referring to me as "the female." It seems really impersonal.

It also helps if you add some additional information/expectations - What are your interests? General careers (i.e. healthcare, business, education, etc)? Do you expect to find a woman with no other relationships or desire to form other relationships (to have a closed vee/triad) or is someone who has other secondary/not live-in relationships okay?

This is a fairly new post, and sometimes it is hard to find people on this board from your specific area. Also, most people aren't thinking ahead to relocate specifically for a relationship unless it is in an area they are interested in anyway. You would probably have more luck on a dating site (like OKCupid) since it is specifically formulated for finding people whereas that is a secondary function of this one.

Best of luck in finding what you want!
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