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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
It's her decision, of course. (All you can decide, ultimately, is what you can live with and what would be a dealbreaker to you.) In general, though, it just would be a wise thing for her to do to at least tell her "other dates" that you're in the equation. Otherwise, it's not honest, and that's not ethical, plus it can lead to some really bad drama somewhere down the road.
Anyway, sit down with her for a heart-to-heart about these things as soon as you can.
Again, appreciate the info. We only had the one conversation so far and it was somewhat lengthy. I explained to her what I need right now is "honesty, trust, patience, and openness". By patience I explained that there might be repetitive conversation at first about things.

She feels as though it is better for me not to know details the "dont ask dont tell" policy because it would only hurt me, but she is making that decision for me and Im trying to let her know that she should let me decide. In all honesty I feel more and more closer to her the more she shares (good or bad) because i really get to know her on the inside and know more about her than anyone else.

However, when I try to talk about it more she gets annoyed (im understanding her perspective) but thats why i explained that she needs to be patient and she might be repeating a conversation at time so things are really clear.

She is a really strong independent person she is not typical girl. If you read this article about 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life, i can guarantee most of them would annoy the hell out of her

This makes it so much harder because our roles are somewhat reversed and im the soft caring "nice guy finishes last" kinda guy that feels with emotions which makes the open relationship so difficult for me. And she knows this.
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