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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
But, when I "see something, I say something." As a lame example, if there is someone in the grocery store standing in front of an item for a while, I will just cheerfully tease them with, "You better make the right decision." They either laugh or ask me what I think. I often compliment people on something they're wearing - "Love those glasses!" "What a great raincoat," or ask them about a book they're reading.
Nycindie, what great advice! Not a lame example at all! I've often wondered how to strike up conversation in the famous Produce Aisle of the grocery store! I can be rather introverted socially, unless it's a business function where I'm in my element and I let my Type A business executive personality shine through. Otherwise, someone smiles at me across a pile of Apples, I smile back and scurry away. Lol.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Most people crave connection.
You are absolutely right! We do crave it. It's a basic human requirement.

SLJ, some great advice on here! Good luck camping! I'm sure you'll do great!
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