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While I agree that lack of punctuation makes it hard to read a post (and I can almost always tell when someone is posting from a phone) I would like to ask for some consideration for all posters who are not native speakers (in English)..

My English is pretty good but not perfect, and I have seen a number of new members lately who I suspect are not from the US or England. Especially when people first come here they are often emotional when writing about their issues and that doesn't always make for the most perfectly constructed sentences It would be sad if someone would not have the courage to post because they worry their English isn't good enough.

Also: I have been reading these boards for a very long time before I joined and some of the posters I respect the most for their wisdom and experience and insight are 'guilty' of the could of / could have mistake. It doesn't bother me at all because I can see they put so much effort into replying to people and giving advice.
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