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When I'm gonna approach some one I'd like to talk with, I find it easier if they give me a lot of eye contact. That way I know they r already interested in me and I don't have to fight for there attention. Usually I compliment her on an ear ring she wearing and ask where she got them and ask of she noticed that they really bring out her eyes. But I'm a guy and ur a girl so u could ask about my gauged ear ( how long it took for me to get it the my current gauge, example some people can't tolerate pain as much as others, it took a friend three days to go from a 12 to 0 and it took me 4 hours.) also I think ur so luck to have found a spouse who loves u enuff to make this coming out for u easy. Im sure he understands everything very well and is willing to embrace this new life style with loving arms. Good luck out there.
"If u always put limits on every thing u do, physical or any thing else, it will spread into ur work and into ur life. There r no limits there r only plateaus, and you must not stay there you must go beyond them."
-Bruce Lee-
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