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Default Ack!

My situation is kind of awkward right now. Getting ready to file for divorce. We still live together and share a bed, no sex. I don't want any with him. We had a "misunderstanding" about 5-6 months ago and things happened that were not agreed to by me. After that, I really never wanted to do it with him again. For the record, we've been skirting the D word for almost 4 years. Things would get better, then bad, then better, then bad. Finally, I've just had enough. So, I've done all I could do, and realized I just have limits that can't be extended.

So to save our marriage--BAD IDEA, we were in a brief triad with another woman and it got too tit-for-tat with him, and I shut him out. She had values that conflicted with mine, and I think they'd be better off with each other. My job is to be a good mom, practice peace, civility, and take care of myself. I don't want any serious relationship right now.

The problem is, I want to still get laid! I have candidates, and feel like I shouldn't take up any offers just because shit is so complicated. Has any of this ever happened to anyone here?
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