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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Originally Posted by Scott View Post
And ofcourse people like newrelations, who is -married- to woman who engages in sex work is just icing on the cake :-)
That was quite an amazing story, wasn't it.
Aye. I understand why most people who want emotional connections shun sex work. I would probably not even be exploring all of this if I hadn't met this woman who did sex work and identified as polyamorous, but ever since then I started thinking that polyamory, swinging and sex work are just variants on the same non monogamous theme. I think it could definitely be said that sex work seems to fit in more with a monogamous culture, where people want to have relationships not permitted by monogamy and sex workers are good at keeping secrets; the sex worker (let's call her "A") said that most clients were cheating on someone. I definitely think this isn't good, and I personally would never want to be part of this, but then allegedly monogamous people (or closeted polies/swingers if you want to see it that way) do a lot of things in order to "fit in" to the mainstream culture that I wouldn't do.
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