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Default A comfortable step in a new direction

Hello community of amorous

I'm Dave y'all can call NDNIRISH.. I've been with my partner (s) for ten years and married eight years. She's been hinting/jokeing of us becoming a poly amorous couple for awhile I don't take to hints to well especially when in a form of a joke as u can guess. Anyway we r a very truth full/trusting couple. I've been talking/heavy petting with a girl (n) (who is non-monogamous/ fucking around if that makes sense) for about two weeks now..I feel our friend ship is not going anywhere. The timing just dosent work for us. Idk. Lack of effort on both parties I guess. S and N don't know each other but N dose know I'm married. N seems scared of our openness/trust..she grown up with cheaters and man haters so it makes sense to me that she would be scared of my "situation". I guess what I'm saying is I'm glad to be apart of an open, trusting and truthful community and not just another cheater lol.
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