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Default What now?

ok, now starting my new life, it has been a challenge for me to start to meet new people. I am a very anti-social person but I 'm working on finding a way to overcome my fear and have small talk with strangers. Let me put it this way, I have the same friends since pre-school.

When I decided that I would have a deep discussion about polyamorous, we both decided on ground rules. In fact it wasn't all that intense, not what I thought it would be, not painful to talk about it at all. At first I was nervous, trying to tell him what I wanted and the do's and don'ts on who we would allow into our lives. It was easy, we established the rules in no time.

So my sister and I tried to experiment on small talk, even went to the grocery store to spark any conversation. But I think for me it was more of a question of why anyone would want to start small talk. When a person asks me "How are you today?" I just want to say "why, do you really want to know?" LOL So I don't know how to even approach a person and ask them irrelevant questions that really don't matter that much to me.

I have my rules laid out and now I need to create a way to have small talk, any suggestions? I know, I know now I sound rigid and uptight. I just don't want to be....hmmmm
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