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On with the show.

After our grand project was complete there was a celebration late into the night. Our girl spent the party quite literally in my wife's lap. This, by this point in time, was hardly unusual. They really do have quite an attraction for each other.

When the party was breaking up we all left together, as our girl didn't bring her car. The scene in the back seat was, to put it mildly, distracting. Figuring it was not the time to break up the party we drove to our house.

Once there the girls went to bed. Since we haven't actually discussed anything up front I wasn't sure if I was getting a spectator seat or if I was going to be a gracious host and go sleep on the couch. Apparently, I was wrong on both counts. It turned out I was invited as an equal participant. What followed was nothing short of amazing, even despite being dog-tired.

The best part? Breakfast together and cuddle afterwards.

The most surprising part? Complete and total lack of awkwardness. It's like we've been living that way forever.

Since then our girl has stayed overnight some more. We still have things to talk about for hours. We still go out. We still take forever to part ways.

The only downside is that we do have to part. I'm doing my best to keep myself from grabbing a shovel and breaking ground on an addition to the house (our place is tiny). I am at least that well grounded in reality.

I don't know where this road is taking us, we'll see when we get there.
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