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Default Ok for lesbian to be involved with a married women?

I am 23 and i have been messing around with a 32 year old married woman. Her husband is aware of the fact that his wife and I have a physical/sexual relationship. I confronted her about him and she says he is okay with it as long as we dont do Anything in front of him. I am usually at her house because my best friend is her roomate and i dont have my own place yet. Anyway what I am trying to get at is this thing we have going on as turned into everytime i am off i go to her house not just to see my friend anymore but, to see her. I am just feeling so many different emotions right now. I mean our relationship has progressed from intellectual conversation to being extremely physical/sexual. I recently took a day off from work to be there for her due To a death in her family that’s how much I a care for her. My family does not agree with the fact that i am involved with her, but i dont want to stop. I havent had this much fun in a very veey long time. I am content with the way things are but, i just want things to get complicated. I dont want to ruin her marriage because i do respect her husband he is a good guy. My friend keeps on telling me that i need to be careful and not catch feelings. That is easier said than done. I mean she’s told me before that if she was not married she would ask me out exclusively. I am totally falling for her and I know it and i think she knows it too but i think she has more self control than i do. What should I do? Put an end to it or keep it going?
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