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Default Im new - my gf wants open relationship, i need help

I would appreciate private messages to have conversation about this, hopefully someone has similar experience since i know this is intro forum.

I have with my girlfriend for 1-1/2 years now. This has been a monogamous relationship. She moved in with me after about 6 months (yes fast). We are both students but I have money saved to handle my rent until I finish school. However, she does not - partially why she moved in I think.

Friday night she sprung onto me that she wants / believes in open relationships and wants an open relationship. Her definition of open relationship:

I am the one she loves and wants to be with, live with and we can both see other people (not like a regular relationship) she describes it as friends that hang out with and have casual sex. At the same time she doesnt want me to know the person(s) but says it would be the same person for a while just because it takes time to find someone who wants casual setting like this, but she also admits she doesnt tell him she is in a relationship either.

I could use some help dealing with this, I truly love this girl, and perhaps my emotions are making this out to be more than it is, or maybe I am being used.
I saw others mention possible support in different areas, and I am open - I live in Spokane, WA

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